A systems programming language.

About Ark

Ark is a systems programming language. It started off as a small, experimental side-project of mine to learn more about compilers. My original goal with Ark is to make a cleaner C without deviating from C's original goals of simplicity.


  • Fast
  • Multi-Paradigm
  • Strongly Typed
  • Concise, clean, and semantic syntax
  • No garbage collection

How it looks

// binding for c's printf
func printf(format: str, _): int;

func main(): int {
	printf("Hello, World\b");
	return 0;

Programming some Ark

Here's a small video of me programming a simple program in Ark. This is from version 0.0.6, so things may be a little out-dated.

What it can produce

Here's a 3D cube being rendered using SDL2 and OpenGL in Ark.